Witnesses of Christ: Prophets and Apostles of Our Dispensation by Jerry H. Houck


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Witnesses of Christ: Prophets and Apostles of Our Dispensation

by Jerry H. Houck

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Meet the men who made our history

THIS INSPIRING VOLUME introduces you to every Apostle who has served in the latter days. Reading their true stories of trials and testimonies, you’ll come to know them personally as men of courage and compassion. Each one embraced the Savior’s call to stand as a special witness and spread the gospel throughout the world.

FROM WELL-KNOWN NAMES to nearly forgotten figures, these faithful brethren left a legacy and a history for our Church that makes us who we are today. Discover how their lives and messages are still making a difference.

PERFECT FOR CHURCH HISTORY enthusiasts and members of all ages, this is an invaluable volume that will strengthen your own testimony of Christ.


About the Author:

Jerry H. Houck joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the age of eighteen. Since then, he has dedicated his time to education. With a master’s and doctorate in special education, he has worked with the Church Educational System (CES) for thirty-nine years, teaching and supervising religious education in such varied places as the Navajo Reservation in the southwest, Western Samoa, and Washington, DC. He has also served in such capacities as a field researcher and writer for the CES Curriculum Department, a member of the Aaronic Priesthood Curriculum Writing Committee, and the chairman of the Church Writing Committee for Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: David O. McKay manual. Now retired, he and his wife, Wendy, currently reside in the Salt Lake City area.


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