What Is a Temple? by Briana Wright, ,Illustrated by Emily Burnette


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What Is a Temple?

by Briana Wright

Illustrated by Emily Burnette

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Introduce your children to the spirit of the temple! Each page details a different attribute of the temple so young readers can understand its purpose in our lives. By teaching children about Heavenly Father’s house now, this book will help them prepare to enter the temple someday and enjoy the spirit of our Father’s house.


About the Author:

Briana Kirkwood Wright grew up in Palm Desert, California and nowlives in Foster City, California with her own family. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literatures in English from the University of California, San Diego. Briana is the mother of two boys and her experience as a mother helped to shape and inform What is a Temple? While pursuing her M.A. in Adolescent English Education, Briana was a reading tutor for children ages 2-16 and also worked closely with the President and COO of an online educational company in New York City, gaining valuable experience and insight into this generation’s approach to learning.


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