The Yearning Soul: Unearthing Your Divine Destiny by David Olsen


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The Yearning Soul: Unearthing Your Divine Destiny

by David Olsen

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The Lord wants more than blind faith. He desires conversion.

Build your testimony through questioning with this must-read book. With it, you take a penetrating, philosophical look at doctrinal insights, from the nature of the Father and the Savior to criticisms against the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.

For those yearning for more, He invites to ask, seek, and learn for ourselves. Here, you’ll learn to find your own answers by asking the right questions on the path to your divine destiny.


About the Author:

David graduated from BYU with an undergraduate degree and masters degree in marketing and communications. While a student at BYU, he wrote The Words You Should Know. Last year he published The 801 Things You Should Know.
After leaving BYU he moved to Washington DC where he worked for a few PR firms and started his own firm in 1997 working with Black & Decker and other consumer product companies. His firm does lots of marketing writing for his clients. On behalf of Black & Decker and other clients, he has appeared on TV and radio, as well as conducted phone interviews with the media.


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