The Scriptural Temple: Understanding the Temple through the Scriptures by Mark H. Greene III


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The Scriptural Temple: Understanding the Temple through the Scriptures

by Mark H. Greene III

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Ascend the glorious mountain of God.

Members of the church, young and old, must grow in their understanding of true temple worship. is inspired book explores what the Saints must do, and how we must do it, to return to the presence of God. Learn what steps we need to take to climb to the Lord’s house, and how the temple can serve as a template for other areas of life, particularly scripture study.

Make your temple experiences more than mere attendance and your scripture study more than simple reading. Begin to truly worship at the summit of Mount Zion.

About the Author:

Dr. Greene practiced Orthopedic surgery in Salt Lake City for twenty years and in Jacksonville, Illinois for 13 years. He has six children Brian, Lara Evans married to Matt Evans, Lys-An Record married to Nathan Record, Linsey deGuzman married to Wilfred deGuzman, Leslee Kirkham married to Adam Kirkham, and Stephen Greene married to Anna Webb. Mark and Jill have twenty grandchildren.

Including a full time mission to Belgium and France, Mark has enjoyed many callings in the Church. He particularly enjoys teaching the gospel. Theology is his favorite subject.

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