The Olive Tree: An Artistic Adaptation by Christine Layton Graham, Joan Layton Merrell, and Carol Layton Ogden


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The Olive Tree: An Artistic Adaptation

by Christine Layton Graham, Joan Layton Merrell, and Carol Layton Ogden

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I will liken thee, O house of Israel, to a tame olive tree . . .

Craft your conduit to heaven as you examine the olive tree parable more closely. This unique book will enhance your spiritual understanding with a one-of-a-kind experience that takes you beyond the story.

Through artwork, adapted text, and hand-worked calligraphy, you’ll see each symbol as you never have before and feel the Savior’s love each time He cares for His trees.

The branches, the fruit, the servants, the graftings—each stands in place of something with larger meaning. The story of the olive tree isn’t just a parable. It’s the story of humanity.


About the Authors:

Christine Layton Graham is a writer, an editor, and a college English instructor living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her books include When Pioneer Wagons Rumbled West, Three Little Robbers, and Peter Peter Picks a Pumpkin House. She also has had literary pieces published in the New Era and the Friend.

Joan Layton Merrell is a professional calligrapher and fiber artist living in Jefferson City, Missouri. She teaches on the national level, and her calligraphic art has been published in Letter Arts Reviews and The Calligrapher’s Engagement Calendar.

Carol Layton Ogden is an artist living in Springville, Utah. She studied design at BYU and in recent years has studied under a variety of artists, including Ann Kullberg and J. Kirk Richards.


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