The Lost Sheep of Ancient America: Bringing the Lands and People of the Book of Mormon to Life by Phyllis Carol Olive


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The Lost Sheep of Ancient America: Bringing the Lands and People of the Book of Mormon to Life

by Phyllis Carol Olive

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A land promised. A people led.

The Nephites weren’t the only ones to be guided across the sea. And their stories continue well beyond the last pages of the Book of Mormon. From the author of The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon, this comprehensive work takes you to ancient America to discover the groups and tribes who inhabited the promised land, including

– The Jaredites

– The Mulekites

– The Nephites

– And the other tribes of Israel

Discover four thousand years of history from the times of Babylon to the Restoration, from the Nephite lands to the Hopewell civilization. Filled with spiritual lessons you can apply to your own life, this book bridges the gap between scriptural texts and history books to bring the people of ancient America to life.


About the Author:

Phyllis Carol Olive lives in Las Vegas with her husband, Ron Olive. Although her Church callings and her family have been her top priority in life, she spends her spare time writing and painting. Several of her paintings hang in homes and offices of many Latter-day Saints, including one entitled, “The Children of the World,” which now hangs in the Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. She has held a wide variety of both teaching and leadership positions in the church. Her favorite duty has always been that of teaching, which she feels has helped, in part, to prepare her for her authorship of the various books she has written. Her last book, “The Lost Empires and Vanished Races of the Book of Mormon” expands on her earlier works and adds new insights and information about the Hopewell civilization and their ties to the people of the Book of Mormon.


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