Types of manuscripts we are actively seeking out (submit these, please!):

  • Mother’s Day books or pamphlets
  • Father’s Day books or pamphlets
  • LDS Church study year topics (Book of Mormon)
  • Christmas books or pamphlets
  • Activity/craft resource books for Primary/Scout/YW leaders

Types of manuscripts we are also accepting (we’ll take these if you’ve got them):

  • LDS nonfiction children’s books
  • Teen inspirational titles
  • Self-help topics
  • Temple/mission prep books
  • LDS doctrinal books
  • LDS near-death experiences

Types of manuscripts we are not currently accepting (do not send these, they will not be considered):

  • Missionary memoirs
  • Personal histories or autobiographies
  • Defenses of the Book of Mormon or Mormonism
  • Poetry
  • Short stories (unless Christmas-themed)

Submit your manuscripts to Cedar Fort using the submission instructions found here.

(CFI Books is an imprint of Cedar Fort Publishing & Media.)