Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries by Brock Booher


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Return and Continue with Honor: A Guide for Returning Missionaries

by Brock Booher

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It’s time for another transfer—from your mission to the rest of your life!

Keep close to the Spirit and capture all your mission momentum with this comprehensive guide to post-missionary success. Ideal for newly returned elders and sisters, their families, and their friends, this book teaches exactly how to transition into the next phase of life.

Learn how to

  • Set new social, intellectual, and spiritual goals
  • Enhance your relationships with your family and with old and new friends
  • Take time to rest, but also keep yourself busy
  • Make the most of your mission lessons and memories
  • Build the Lord’s kingdom in new, significant ways

Uplifting and inspirational, this book is divided into the first week, month, and year of a missionary’s return, so it makes a great homecoming gift! It is a must-read for any returned missionary who wants to move forward on life’s path and continue to serve the Lord.


About the Author:

Brock Booher grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky, the fourth of ten children, where he learned to work hard, use his imagination, and always believe in himself. He served a full-time mission in Uruguay, graduated from BYU, and convinced his wife, Britt, to marry him. They have six children, two of whom have served missions thus far. He began his flying career in the US Air Force and now flies for a major US airline. He has served in various Church capacities and loves teaching. He also writes fiction and has published two novels: Healing Stone and The Charity Chip. You can find him on Facebook (AuthorBrockBooher) and on Twitter (@BrockBooher) or visit his website,


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