Open Your Mouth! What to Say When Sharing the Gospel by Mark Mathews


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Open Your Mouth! What to Say When Sharing the Gospel

by Sherrie Anthony

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Members of the restored Church have been commanded to gather Israel. We must be prepared in all times and places to stand as witnesses of Christ and bear testimony through example and word.

If we know what to focus on and say, we can be successful servants in the harvest. This book provides direction, order, and guidance on the most effective ways of spreading the gospel, which center on the Restoration—from that stems our beliefs and our unique message.

Learn to confidently open your mouth and share the truth of the Restoration that you might help bring sheep back to the Lord’s flock.


About the Author:

Mark Mathews has served as a teacher in the Church Educational System for over ten years working full-time for the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion and part-time as an adjunct BYU religion professor. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in marriage and family studies from Brigham Young University and a PhD in education from Utah State University. He is the author of several articles including Satan’s Rebellion (Ensign March 2015) and God’s Plan for Families (Ensign July 2015). He and his wife Mandy live in Brigham City, Utah with their five children.

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