Meeting Christ in the Book of Mormon by Ryan H. Sharp


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Meeting Christ in the Book of Mormon

by Ryan H. Sharp

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This inspiring book from popular CES speaker Ryan Sharp demonstrates how your favorite scriptural heroes were able to connect with the Divine and can help you in your own spiritual journey.

Be inspired by

  • Nephi’s steadfastness
  • Alma the Elder’s and Alma the Younger’s conversion
  • The conviction of King Lamoni, his father, and the Anti-Nephi-Lehis
  • Captain Moroni’s obedience
  • Mahonri Moriancumer’s faith
  • Along with many others

This book shows how mortal men came to know the Savior. Learn to meet Him as they did by following in their footsteps and discovering Christ in new and profound ways.


About the Author:

Ryan Sharp has lived in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. He is a full-time seminary teacher, a speaker at Especially for Youth, Best of EFY, and at Brigham Young University Education Week. He served in the Auckland New Zealand Mission, and is a counselor in his ward’s bishopric. He earned a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Brigham Young University and a master’s in educational leadership from the University of Utah, where he is a doctoral candidate in health promotion and education. He has 2 talks on tape currently for sale at Deseret Book (“Becoming a Fearless Missionary” & “Engage in the Battle”) as well as an e-book.


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