Matriarchs of the Messiah: Valiant Women in the Lineage of Jesus Christ by Jo Ann Skousen


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Matriarchs of the Messiah: Valiant Women in the Lineage of Jesus Christ

by Jo Ann Skousen

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Meet the ancestral mothers of God.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is also the God of Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel. This enlightening book brings the maternal ancestors of Christ to the forefront, explores their lives in depth, and shows how their legacies can serve as examples for women everywhere today.

Discover the incredible histories of

  • The barren Sarah
  • The beautiful but tragic Bathsheba
  • The loyal Ruth
  • The reformed harlot Rahab

Walk with the women of the Bible, from the Garden of Eden to the Garden Tomb. Learn from their experiences and see these true stories in a whole new light of God’s plan for women.


About the Author:

Jo Ann Skousen has taught English Literature and Writing at Rollins College in Florida, Mercy College in New York, Chapman University in California, and Sing Sing Correctional Facility up the river from Manhattan. She holds a B. A. in American Literature from Rollins College and an M.A. from University of Florida.

Jo Ann is also the entertainment editor of Liberty Magazine, the founding director of the Anthem Libertarian Film Festival, and associate editor of Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies, a financial publication. She speaks frequently at conferences across the country and around the world. An avid traveler, she has led groups through the Mediterranean from Athens to Rome, relating the myths and Bible stories that took place in each location.

For over twenty years Jo Ann served as a seminary teacher and a gospel doctrine teacher while also teaching Classic Mythology and Bible Literature in her Honors English courses. Both of these teaching experiences, one focusing on religion and the other on literary archetypes, have given her great insights into the hearts and lives of the people who inhabit the scriptures. She has come to know and love the women of the Bible.

Jo Ann has been married to her husband, financial economist Mark Skousen, for over 40 years. They have lived in Washington DC, the Bahamas, London, Florida, New York and California. In addition to collaborating on 25 books, two investment newsletters, and a large conference business, they are the parents of five children who genuinely like each other. Jo Ann is never happier than when reading aloud to her grandchildren or teaching them to catch a wave at the beach.


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