Line Upon Line: An LDS Young Woman’s Q&A Journal by Lynnae W. Allred


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Line Upon Line: An LDS Young Woman’s Q&A Journal

by Lynnae W. Allred

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365 questions, 6 years, 8 values, 2,190 answers. This Q&A journal is designed especially for the LDS young woman with some questions inspired by Young Women values and others that are just for fun. In only minutes each day, the writer can track her thoughts, her hopes, and the growth in her testimony as she navigates a busy life from Beehive to Laurel and beyond.

About the Author:

Lynnae Allred is the author of Piggyback Rides and Slippery Slides: How to Have Fun Raising First-rate Children. In addition to her full-time career as a mother, she has worked part-time for the past ten years writing content for eCommerce websites and small business publications. Currently, she works as a nonfiction acquisitions editor. She resides in Mapleton, Utah.


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