I Hope They Call Me on a Mission by Benjamin Hyrum White


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I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

by Benjamin Hyrum White

Illustrated by Corey Egbert

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Discover what it’s really like to be a missionary!

This fun picture book takes you into the daily life of full-time missionary work. Each page highlights a different aspect of being a missionary.

  • As missionaries, we teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and
    how we can live together forever with our families in the celestial kingdom.
  • As missionaries, we share our testimonies everywhere and with everyone. When we testify, we tell others how we feel about Jesus.
  • As missionaries, we have faith, hope, and charity. We are kind, happy, and loving. We don’t just act like Christ. We are trying to become like Him.

With colorful illustrations and text that will encourage your children to prepare while they’re young to serve when they’re grown, this book is perfect for Primary, family home evening, or bedtime. It’ll encourage your whole family to become member missionaries!


About the Author and Illustrator:

BENJAMIN HYRUM WHITE grew up in Northern California, where his love for reading was cultivated at an early age. Some of his favorite series are Dragonlance, Harry Potter, and the Beyonders. He served a full-time mission in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He met his wife, Keenan, in a clogging class at Brigham Young University while part of the International Folk Dance Ensemble. They now live in Utah Valley with their 4.5 kids. Ben enjoys going on dates with his wife and roughhousing with his kids. At BYU, he wrote “The History of Preach My Gospel.” His passion for missionary work continues with his other books: 10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission and 10 Questions to Answer After Serving a Mission.

COREY EGBERT is a husband to an amazing wife, father to a super-cute little boy, and a humble subject to his cat, Rex. He can often be found taking pictures of run-down old buildings, obsessively reading books and blogs about art, and (secretly) watching documentaries about cheese. He loves illustrating and is still amazed that he gets to do it as a real job. He currently lives with his family in Virginia.


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