Harmony of the Gospels with the Artwork of Carl Bloch by Ron Gibbs


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Harmony of the Gospels with the Artwork of Carl Bloch

by Ron Gibbs

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Bring the New Testament to life for your family . . .

Follow in the Savior’s footsteps with this chronological compilation of scriptures from the four gospels and the Joseph Smith Translation, accompanied by the beloved masterpieces of Carl Bloch.

These glorious paintings depict the Savior’s life with a depth and emotion that’s enhanced by being placed within the same scripture passages that inspired Bloch’s work. From Christ’s birth in Bethlehem to the Sermon on the Mount to the Pool of Bethesda to His suffering on the cross, the paintings in this book include all the familiar Carl Bloch favorites you know from chapels and temples around the world, plus several new paintings you may not have seen before.

A rare treasure for any Latter-day Saint library, this limited-edition volume is sure to become a beloved keepsake for generations to come.


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