From Saul to Paul: The Road to Apostleship by William Victor Blacoe


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From Saul to Paul: The Road to Apostleship

by William Victor Blacoe

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Walk with the Apostle Paul from his early childhood to old age. William Victor Blacoe unfolds the life and legacy of one who went from foe to fellow Saint of the Christian faith. This book guides you through Paul’s masterful Gospel and scriptural understanding, as well as enhances your understanding of the New Testament epistles of Paul and the Acts of the Apostles.


About the Author:

William Victor Blacoe comes from Ireland where he became a member of the LDS Church in 1978. His early career was in mechanical engineering design, and thereafter as a cartographer with Irish off-shore oil exploration. He obtained a degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. For the past decades he worked as manager of several Church operations in Europe. Currently he is the manager of LDS Family Services in Europe. For over 25 years William has had a passionate interest in the New Testament and has conducted extensive research into the life and epistles of the Apostle Paul. William and his wife, Reingard, live near Frankfurt, Germany.


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