Families Are Forever, So Pack Extra Diapers by Chas Hathaway


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Families Are Forever, So Pack Extra Diapers

by Chas Hathaway

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We’d had a great day. We’d visited family, hung out with old friends, and generally had a great time all day long. Even the sunset was beautiful. It was the perfect day.

Then came bedtime.

Oh. My. Kids.

There were more bloodcurdling screams than a haunted house.

Parenting isn’t always as easy as it looks. But with a good sense of humor and some help from above, even the worst days can be worth it. Full of practical advice and poignant anecdotes, this book is perfect for moms and dads who know what raising kids is really like.

Whether you’ve got toddlers or teens, this encouraging book from a father of five will help you appreciate all the fun and funny moments along the wild ride of parenthood.


About the Author:

Chas Hathaway’s secret to an rockin’ life is to marry awesome, have a boat-load of kids, and eat lots of parmesan-cheese-covered popcorn. Oh, and live the gospel of Jesus Christ, completely and passionately.

Chas is an author, musician, happy husband and a father of five. He’s written several books, been involved in many radio/podcast programs, published a bunch of music albums, and volunteered at numerous all-night-sick-kid wake-a-thons. His dream is to live the life he’s living, and touch the lives of others in the process. To contact Chas, visit his website, ChasHathaway.com, or email him at chas@willowrise.com.


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