Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood by Jessica Poe


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Everyday MOMents: Discovering Christ in the Details of Motherhood

by Jessica Poe

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A mother’s role is sacred. It is a duty of divine design. But with all the demands and daily routines, it can be hard to feel close to the Lord. However, He is there, guiding you by the Spirit in even the everyday parenting moments.

This relatable, inspirational book moves through the hours and activities of the day and unearths the symbolism and meaning inherent in motherhood. When seen through spiritual eyes, you can receive loving lessons and personal messages from God in the most seemingly mundane tasks and decisions.

From sun-up to bedtime, learn to see and feel the Lord’s reassuring presence and power by your side in the daily details of mothering life.


About the Author:

Jessica Poe has spent the last decade writing professionally for healthcare systems across the nation. Prior to freelancing, she worked as a communications specialist for Intermountain Healthcare and earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Brigham Young University. She and her husband homeschool their three children under the lively green trees of Oregon; basking in the small, natural moments. Jessica maintains a collection of divine details from their daily doings at www.jessica-poe.com/blog and she’s a regular contributor at www.multiplygoodness.com.


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