Enslaved to Saved: The Metaphor of Christ As Our Master by W. Reid Litchfield


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Enslaved to Saved: The Metaphor of Christ As Our Master

by W. Reid Litchfield

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Who is your master: sin or the Savior?

This thought-provoking book examines the cultural and political background of slavery during the time of Christ and what it means for our modern-day commitment to the Lord.

Where our King James New Testament reads “servant of Christ,” the original Greek translates to “slave of Christ.” This nuance will change how you read the New Testament.

  • Unlock the deeper meanings in the Savior’s most beloved parables
  • Discover how the early Saints viewed their relationship to Christ
  • Explore the difference between servitude and slavery in several well-known verses

Reid Litchfield, a Harvard-trained endocrinologist and longtime gospel scholar, shows how you can become a slave of Christ and paradoxically free yourself from the captivity of sin and death.


About the Author:

W. REID LITCHFIELD is an endocrinologist from Henderson, Nevada. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University (BS) and University of Calgary (MD) and completed his endocrinology fellowship at Harvard Medical School. In addition to a number of scientific publications, he has published medical history papers entitled “On the Physical Death of Jesus Christ” and “The Bittersweet Demise of Herod the Great.” He is the recipient of several Top Doctor Awards, as well as professional awards for leadership in his community and medical society. You can find more of his writings on his blog at www.reidlitchfield.com.


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