Base Hits and Home Run Relationships: What Women Wish Guys Knew by Trina Boice


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Base Hits and Home Run Relationships: What Women Wish Guys Knew

by Trina Boice

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Believe it or not—romance and baseball are not that different.

See the similarities with this all-star book on how to hit a grand slam in your relationship so you can enjoy extra innings with the one you love!

Learn to

  • Translate women’s thoughts into a sports language men can actually understand
  • Track your dating stats and plan strategies to up your game
  • Avoid foul balls, bad calls, and getting stuck in a pickle
  • Support each other with the occasional bunt or sacrifice fly
  • Cover all your bases—even when you’ve got kids on your team

With the right tools, you and your sweetheart can pitch a perfect game together every time you play. Whether you’re in the minor league of dating or the major league of married life, this is the perfect playbook for rookies and hall-of-famers alike.


About the Author:

Trina Boice grew up in California, but currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She worked as a Legislative Assistant for a Congressman in Washington D.C., and was given the “Points of Light” Award and Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her domestic and international community service. She wrote a column called “The Boice Box” for a newspaper in Georgia, where she lived for 15 years. She taught Spanish at a private high school and ran an appraisal business with her husband for 20 years. She currently writes for several web sites and is the Entertainment News Editor for Bella Online.

Trina was selected by KPBS in San Diego to be a political correspondent during the last presidential election.

A popular and entertaining speaker, Trina is the author of 17 books with another one hitting stores soon!


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